Web Commercials



At Small Video we are always innovative. We have noticed more and more that companies are relying on the Internet to showcase their products and services.

We want to show off your company in the best possible light, help generate you business and keep you ahead of the competition.

Our production company prides itself on using some of the best equipment available on the market today… This includes 2 Panasonic GH4 cinematic cameras, LED lighting, top of the range lenses, sound equipment, iPad Prompter and more.

This is a 60 second web advert for Crolla"s Ice Cream Company.

This was an advert for Photique and was very 3D graphics intensive, 3D graphics are not included in the entry £550 package.

This web advert was produced for H Preston Media once again using state of the art graphics that can be added for a price.


What you get for £1500...

Philip (Director of Photography with over 25 years experience in the trade) and Scott (Production Assistant) plus 2 Panasonic GH4 cinematic cameras, lenses, sound kit, LED lights, monitor, tripod for 8 hours out of a 10 hour day (From 9-7pm - latest starting time 11am).

Editing at the Small Video Company (SVC) for one day cut and paste plus simple graphics if needed, record a VO. Recorded to MPEG 4 for uploading to a web server. Plus one basic SD DVD copy of the finished product.

If you wish to do a voice over we can include this as part of your editing package. But the script will have to be done by yourself and unless you wish to speak for yourself a voice over artist will cost extra.

Extra cost...

We can also offer bespoke packages if you want a more sophisticated commercial that will suit any requirements.

For example we can add at a price…
Extra hours filming or editing, a sound person, green screen, Jib, slider, non copyright music, 3D graphics, more sophisticated DVD copies or an HD Blu-ray copy.

Note : A known named VO artist like Alison Walker will be charged accordingly.

Also note there will be travel costs beyond the central belt area of Scotland.
Pre Production meetings will be charged at £25 per hour plus expenses.

Please take a look at the full website and view all of our work and previous clients.

We believe you won’t find a better deal in this field, as we are confident we can provide excellence in what we do.