The Editor is the person who adds the magic to any production in fact you have two key players...the cameraman and the editor, without good shots the editor has nothing to play with.

This is where we are fortunate Philip our Director of Photography is an accomplished cameraman and an award winning editor so you get someone who is very accomplished in both disciplines, this is almost unique in the video industry.

Matching pictures to sound especially to music takes skill, if you have a requirement to use commercially produced music like iTunes we can get a quote for it's use in your production.


In house we can edit the following...

HD FORMATS : Sony XDCAM EX (HD), AVCHD, HDV, Canon MXF files, Canon HDSLR footage... 1080 50i, 1080 50p, 1080 24p,  1080 25p,  720 50p,  1440 x 1080 50i

SD FORMATS : DVCAM, DV, SVHS, VHS-C, VHS, Sony Hi8mm and 8mm.