Small Video Company

Established in 1988, the Small Video Company Ltd has a record of satisfaction second to none.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most multi-skilled production companies in Scotland. We own all our own equipment so you can be assured that everything is checked and fully charged for the start of your production.

We have a range of our latest productions as you browse through our web site.


About Philip

Our Director of Photography Philip Johnston has a passion for his video work "It's important to get the right shots for the job and that sometimes means filming beyond the allocated stoping time or coming back the next day at my own expence in order to satisfy the production in hand" That level of dedication has won Philip some prestegious clients who come back time and time again.

Philip produces a daily blog entry and produces web video reviews on various up to the minute HD camcorders making him unique as he is as happy to talk in front of a camera as he is behind, filming. Philip gives other video professionals advice when buying equipment and is always happy to talk about any part of your production. Because Philip is an accomplished video editor as well as a Director of Photography he can foresee problems and re direct you when filming your video.


Daily Filming and Editing Rate

It is important for you to know just how much your production will cost which is why we are transparent when it comes to daily rates for filming and editing.

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Production meetings and script ideas are the essential building blocks of any good production.

Having a basic script allows us to understand what message you are trying to convey and how many days filming and editing may be involved.

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Future-proof Filming on HD and 4K

All our filming is on High Definition (HD) this keeps your production future proof. It is also edited in HD therefore in the event that you switch over to Blu-Ray or 4K, we can give you an HD version of your production without a re-edit.

Why HD ? Simple...If you start with the best quality your end production, usually on standard DVD, the end result looks so much better. What is 16:9...This is the ratio at which your video will play back on. 99% of todays televisions are plasma or LCD, it gives you a more cinematic look. HD only films on the 16:9 ratio.  

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We have a portable iPadPrompter (autocue) and our clients get the benefit of this at 50% off the hire cost for their production. 

Prompting saves a lot of time and money, especially if you are hiring a known presenter to front your video. All we need is a script in the form of a Word document e-mailed to us, more on prompting


Our Blog

We run a blog called HD Warrior where Philip writes reviews on all the latest HD video equipment. It is mainly produced for video professionals but shows the high standards Philip adheres to, giving you every confidence in his work.

Philip has also produced two downloadable teaching videos about the Panasonic AF101 large sensor camera and Canon C300 cinematic camera. 

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We have over 25 years of professional editing experience. Our facilities include a MacPro edit suite which allow us to supply our clients with a timecoded DVD-5 (standard DVD) viewing disc for approval or upload onto a secure password protected server . 

Our edit suite has air conditioning so there is no excuse on hot days not to get the work done.

We also have an in-house 3D graphics library as well as Apple Motion allowing us to produce in-house 3D graphics. 

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We pride ourselves on offering a very high level of personal service, this is the reason why clients keep coming back to us.