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We are The Small Video Company, one of Scotland’s premier independent production companies.

Established in 1988, The Small Video Company is known for producing high quality videos and our client list is always growing. Our tagline ‘Setting the standards for others to follow’ is something we truly believe in. We are always striving to be ahead of our competitors and that’s why we’ve introduced our new 4k & HD filming and editing packages. 

As you’ll no doubt be aware video is the fastest growing medium online and a professional video on your homepage, or on one your clients sites, sends out a big message that you are an open and trustworthy business that is ready to continue to excel in your field.

We have a range of our latest productions as you browse through our web site.


About Philip

Our Director of Photography Philip Johnston has a passion for his video work "It's important to get the right shots for the job and that sometimes means filming beyond the allocated stoping time or coming back the next day at my own expense in order to satisfy the production in hand" That level of dedication has won Philip some prestigious clients who come back time and time again.

Philip produces a daily blog entry and produces web video reviews on various up to the minute HD camcorders making him unique, Philip is always happy to talk about any part of your production, even at weekends.


Future-proof Filming on FULL HD and 4K

All our filming is on High Definition (HD) this keeps your production future proof. It is also edited in HD, therefore in the event that you switch over to Blu-Ray or 4K, we can give you an HD version of your production without a re-edit.

Why HD ? Simple...If you start with the best quality your end production, usually a DVD, the end result looks so much better filmed in HD.  

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